Louise Hoole was born in England, spent part of her childhood on the remote Atlantic island of St Helena, and has lived for over 11 years in Tanzania.  She came to writing via a labyrinthine route, which included training as a nurse, studying literature, working in a hospice, and attempting to walk across Africa.  She has written several non-fiction books including Seven Wonders (about the world heritage sites of Tanzania), Talking to the Ancestors (about East African art) and Mud, Pirates, Jellyfish and Gas (about deep-water oil and gas exploration).  Black Rock, her first novel, is based on the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte on St Helena, and was published by Barranca Press in 2014. Louise is currently a nomad, and is working on a second novel, a travelogue, and a book about whale sharks. She also works as a writer/editor for a wide range of clients.


Photo (c):  Krzysztof Odziomek